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Before filling in the form, please be sure to read "Cost & how it works" .

Fill in the form below (all areas except ‘additional comments’ MUST be completed.) Include one or two photos of your item and include as many details as possible in your description – it really helps the appraisal process. For example:

  • Is your painting on board or canvas?
  • Is there texture to your painting (is it oil or watercolour?)
  • Has your piece of furniture been refinished or is it in original condition?
  • Are there hallmarks on your silver ? (you may want to photograph them)
  • Are there any chips, cracks or other damage?
  • Does your piece come apart; if so how many parts are there?’
  • How many pieces in your dinner set?
  • Is your clock working?

*Some tips for preparing photos for upload:

  1. Use a neutral, contrasting background for the photo and submit only pictures that are clear and in focus.
  2. Make sure your image is in high resolution JPEG format. File size should be no larger than one megabyte (1024 kb.)
Subject: IMPORTANT! Put the item name first, followed by your last name, like this: Vases/Smith
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To upload a photo: Click the "Browse..." button below. Find and click on the file you wish to send, then click OPEN or SELECT in the file browsing window to select it. The file browsing window will close and the filename should then appear in the box below. Now continue to fill out the rest of the appraisal form.
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After submitting your information you will be asked to go to the
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IMPORTANT! You must add to your email address book as soon as you pay PayPal. If you don't your spam filter will likely reject his appraisal email and you will not receive it. Simply add this address as a new contact.

(If John is unable to appraise your item,
the payment will be reversed and you’ll be notified.)

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